Fortnite: Dragon Ball Vending Machine Locations

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With the Fortnite x Dragon Ball crossover fully underway, thousands of gamers around the world are jumping into the battle royale to take full advantage of the ongoing events.

While the ability to watch the anime and purchase skins of your favourite characters is great, the main attraction is definitely the quests to increase your power level.


One of these quests requires you to purchase an item from a Dragon Ball-themed vending machine somewhere on the map. Here's where you can find them.

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Locations of Dragon Ball Vending Machines

The first Dragon Ball Vending Machine can be found in the Fortnite location of Rave Cave

There are currently only three Dragon Ball vending machines scattered across the Fortnite map, all letting players purchase the Kamehameha and Nimbus Cloud items for 250 gold each.

While the vending machine quest is only worth 2M Power Level, completing it and then using the Kamehameha and Nimbus Clouds to complete other quests can be a great way to secure a Dragon Ball so we recommend seeking one of them out.

The first Dragon Ball vending machine location is inside the base of Rave Cave. One of the quieter locations in Fortnite currently, Rave Cave can be a great place to land and quickly grab these items before going.


To get to the vending machine, enter the base under the rollercoaster from the South entrance towards Reality Falls. Walk down the hallway and the vending machine will be on your right.

The second Fortnite Dragon Ball vending machine is in the centre of the map.

The second vending machine is one of the more risky drops right now, being in the open. To find it, head to the central lake on the map, specifically the area south of Shifty Sands and West of Coney Crossroads. Outside of these buildings and facing the lakefront will be the vending machine.

The final vending machine can be found in Rocky Reels, tucked away inside the giant projector screen on the ground level. Rocky is a popular drop even without the newly added vending machine, so be ready for some early-game combat and make a quick exit on the Nimbus Cloud item.