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*UPDATED* Fortnite Down: Servers Are Back Up Following Update 15.30

The Fortnite servers are finally back up after the implementation of the 15.30 update.

Epic Games have announced that Fortnite servers will be down for an undisclosed time in preparation for the 15.30 update that's coming today.

This update is bringing a whole host of in-game changes, quality of life fixes, and more.

Epic Games have also announced a new LTM featuring The Mandolorian.

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Fortnite Is Back!

Following an unusually-long downtime, Fortnite appears to be back up following the 15.30 update.

This update is a big one, adding two new exotics and a new Mando-themed LTM.

There is also, as always, a slew of bug fixes and quality of life changes.


Still Down After 2 Hours

Fortnite servers are still undergoing maintenance following the initial downtime for the 15.30 update.

This period of downtime isn't unheard of but longer than expected given it usually lasts approximately 2 hours.

Fortnite Downtime Start Time

Via the official Fortnite Server Status Twitter account, @FortniteStatus, Epic Games announced the following information:

Fortnite Server downtime is due to start approximately 4 AM ET.


This translates into 09:00 GMT, for U.K.-based players.

Players in an existing lobby could continue to play until the downtime starts, though.

End Time

As it stands, there is no scheduled end time for the Fortnite Server downtime that's started.

However, Fortnite maintenance usually lasts around two hours. So, thinking Fortnite should be back live by 11:00 GMT would be a safe bet.

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What's Coming In 15.30

Fortnite 15.30 is going to be a big one!

Epic Games are reportedly adding two new exotics in addition to expanding the devices and options for the ever-popular Creative mode.

In addition to this, the Boundless skin is due to be updated. This should, with any luck, fix the pay-to-win properties of the skin.


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A new LTM is also on the way mysteriously called Mando's Bounty!

It will star Star Wars' The Mandalorian and acts as a climactic end-point for the season.

We will update this article when we know more.

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