25 Sep 2020 5:22 PM +00:00 UTC

Fortnite Doggus Event: Where, When and Everything You Need to Know!

Photo via Hypex on Twitter

For the majority of the annual Fortnite seasons, Epic Games has always concluded each season with a special event.  In the past, we have seen the legendary "Rocket Event" to the loud and spectacular Marshmello concert at Pleasant Park.  

Season 9 is approaching its end now, with this season being extended due to the Fortnite World Cup Finals, for weeks now fans have been speculating what this event could be and what significance it could mean to Fortnite's overall story. Now, avid Fortnite fans have been noticing something new appearing on the map as of late, more specifically near a new point of interest; Pressure Plant. 

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What is the Doggus Event?

Photo via Epic Games

If you have been playing Fortnite over the last month you may have noticed some significant changes throughout the map. Since Season 9's kick-off, two new points of interests were introduced in Neo-Tilted and Mega Mall, both of these new areas are based on this new futuristic landscape and both are seemly connected by a gigantic power cord from Loot Lake. Over the course of multiple Fotnite updates, there has been some destruction on the power cord nestled near Loot Lake and the vault.

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There has been a fan proclaimed monster, roaming the Fortnite map and fans have speculated that there could be more then meets the eye for this monster. Flashing back to Season 8's event which was the volcanic eruption that destroyed the once Tilted Towers and Retail Row but if fans remember there was a third meteor that struck the side of Polar Peaks mountain. Since this hit, there was a monsters eye that players started noticing on the side of the mountain and soon enough the side was melting enough so players could not see the eye anymore. 

But what does this mean?

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Photo via Epic Games


Since the mountain of Polar Peak is now melting away and the eye is no longer appearing on the side, there seems to be some link between that eye and the destruction that has been noticed throughout Loot Lake and Pleasant Park. 

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Along with the havoc being wrecked, there has also been the development of a humongous robot being constructed at Pressure Plant. The robot which has since been fan named "Doggus" has been under construction over the course of weeks now and it seems as it is nearly complete with only the arms and headpiece left. So, now we have Doggus the super robot and the monster which also has a fan name "Cattus", the latter's appearance is completely unknown as of now but players may be made aware of its appearance soon enough. 

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With the Cattus monster never making a formal appearance on the map to date it seems as players with eagle eyes have been spotting what appears to be the monster roaming the side of the map. As seen on Reddit the monster is circling the map with comments that was last seen around Snobby Shore. With only a distant look at the monster for now perhaps it is scouting out the Doggus robot ahead of the epic battle set to take place this coming Saturday.