Fortnite Disables Dragon Rune Lance Pickaxe Due to Exploit

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The new battle pass that became available with Fortnite Season 3 might be the best one yet. With a variety of cool cosmetics that fit the season's title of "vibin'" and make for some really cool rewards to chase after. One of the coolest items? the Fortnite Dragon Rune Lance harvesting tool.

Players who want to get this item for themselves will have to wait a little longer as Epic Games have decided to disable it for the time being. Why? Let's get into it.


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Fortnite Dragon Rune Lance Disabled

The announcement of the harvesting tool being disabled came from the official Fortnite Status Twitter account which often gives updates about the battle royale and any minor changes made to its gameplay.


The pickaxe, which can be found on page three of the battle pass, was disabled after some issues were noticed involving the pickaxe. The Tweet itself did not allude to what this issue could be, only that it was removed but a video posted beneath the tweet shows the issue.

A short video by YouTuber GKI titled "dragon rune lance pickaxe is pay to win" shows the extent of the dragon rune lance pickaxe's problems. While "pay to win" is an extreme description often used for modern video games, it certainly isn't too far off in this instance due to the exploit tied to the Dragon Rune Lance.

The exploit in question is that equipping the pickaxe fully removes the player's footstep audio entirely. In a game that is so heavily based on audio cues, this is quite the severe exploit. This also affects the "visualize sound effects" option, removing all visual indicators as soon as the pickaxe is equipped. This is a very bad exploit to have in any game and it's very clear that disabling the Fortnite Dragon Rune Lance was the correct decision to make.