Fortnite Dirty Docks: POI Guide! - Landing Spots, Movement, Rotations, and More!

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Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 3 brought some huge changes to the Map!

With this, some of our favourite locations and POI were flooded, including Dirty Docks.


Dirty Docks is still a viable location and will only get better as the water level lowers.

Below, we cover the best spots to land in Dirty Docks, as well as what to expect regarding movement, rotations and loot.

Will Dirty Docks Return?

As the water levels fall in the new map, areas and POIs will become more accessible.

fortnite season 3 end map

LEAKED MAP - Above, you can see a leaked image of the Map we'll be getting towards the end of Season 3!

At the start of season 3, the Dirty Docks location was completely covered and flooded.


However, as the water level lowers, Dirty Docks will return to the map and become a more populated POI.

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Currently, there are still landing spots but with limited loot, so you may find yourself landing alone.

Landing Spots

There are a few buildings for you to loot while the water level is still high.

fortnite location

FORTILLA - Have you visited the new POI in Season 3?


We recommend heading to the large warehouse to the East of Dirty Docks.

This should give you a fair amount of loot and weapons to prepare yourself for a fight.

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You'll also be able to harvest quite a few materials from the warehouse, giving you a good headstart.

Movement & Rotations

As Dirty Docks is currently surrounded by water, you'll be doing a fair amount of swimming to get around the POI.

However, head West and you'll find land fairly quickly.


From here, you can head north to Retail Row, where you'll likely find more players. Or head further West to locations like The Authority and Frenzy Farm.

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Alternatively, you can take one of the boats found at Dirty Docks and head around the edge of the map to Steamy Stacks for an easy boost towards the centre of the map.

Competitive and Arena

Dirty Docks could be a viable landing spot for Arena mode.

agent jonesy fortnite skin release date

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If you're looking for placement points rather than elimination points, this is definatly a good spot for you.

This is due to Dirty Docks being one of the less popular landing spots.

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After leaving Dirty Docks, try to stay clear from large POI's and focus on gathering materials and weapons.