How To Play Fortnite Deathstroke Zero Cup

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New updates, skins, and modes are being added to Fortnite all of the time. Whether it be Marvel themed characters, something brand new, or a strange in-game event, there's a lot to keep your eye on.

Today, the Deathstroke Zero Cup begins in Fortnite and we've got everything you need to know about it.

Table of Contents

Latest - Play the Deathstroke Zero Cup Now


The Deathstroke Zero Cup is about to go live in Fortnite, so head to the compete tab and look for the cup in question. You'll then be able to jump in from there to play it.

Below, we've got everything you need to know about the tournament.

If you want to get the Deathstroke skin early on May 27, you have to fight your way to it. For a three-hour period, players can play up to 10 matches solo for the chance to unlock him.

As you win your rounds, you will get added to different divisions in the cup and if you keep winning, you have a chance to earn the skin for yourself. Just keep winning and that Deathstroke skin can be all yours.

You can look at the official rules for the tournament right here but anyone can join as long as they're over level 30 and have two-factor authentication. Luckily, this isn't the only way to unlock Deathstroke.


Start Times

It goes live at 6pm BST/3pm ET, but you'll have to be quick, as it only runs for three hours.

Two More Ways To Get It

The first and most obvious way to get the Deathstroke skin is by purchasing it. Available on June 1, you can buy it from the store to use it forever.

Alternatively, you can unlock Deathstroke through purchasing comics. By buying issue #4 of the Batman/Fortnite comic, you will be given a code that can be used in-store to unlock him for yourself. You can also subscribe to DC Universe Infinite to get ahold of it digitally.