Fortnite: How to Unlock Cube Queen Skin

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After lots of speculation and leaks, the mystery battle pass character in Fortnite Season 8 has finally been revealed as the Cube Queen.

Update 18.30 released today, too much excitement, and the Cube Queen skins and content is one of the things that's been revealed as part of it.


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All Fortnite Cube Queen Quests

Finally, the Cube Queen is live in-game and you can go about completing her quests. Below is a breakdown of all of them and what they reward you with.

All Quests - Page 1

  • Survive Store Circles while carrying a Sideways Weapon 0/5 - Cube Queen Skin
  • Eliminate a player with a sideways minigun 0/1 - Last Cube Standing Emoticon
  • Shakedown Opponents 0/2 - The Queens Court Loading Screen
  • Use a Shadow Stone or Flopper to phase for 3 seconds near a player 0/3 - Cubic Vortex Back Bling
  • Complete Page One Quests 0/4 - The Cube Queen (Obliterator)

Fortnite Cube Queen Quests - Page 2

  • Deal 150 damage to players by using the Sideways Scythe - Reality Render Pickaxe (+Obliterator variant)
  • Complete a Bounty from a Bounty Board - Regal Visage Spray
  • Get two headshots with the Sideways Rifle - Queen’s Anthem Lobby Track
  • Glide in the smoke stacks at Steamy Stacks - Queen's Procession Glider (+Obliterator variant)

How to Unlock Cube Queen Skin

The basic version of her skin in Fortnite is unlocked via levelling up the battle pass. You can then unlock variants via the quests.

There is then other cosmetics for her that you can unlock via the other challenges.

Cube Queen Content Revealed ahead of Launch

We now have a firm look at the content coming with the launch of the Cube Queen. She will come with multiple skins, a special slider animation exclusive to her as well as music, back bling and a pickaxe.

Cube Queen Special Skin

The entire set will be up for grabs in a few hours but we're still unsure what the unlock requirements will be.

cube queen page 2 rewards

Fortnitemares/Cube Queen Trailer

Now, a new trailer has been released to showcase the Cube Queen and celebrate the start of Fortnitemares.

You can check it out below:

Fortnite Cube Queen Skin Revealed

While we're still waiting for the Cube Queen Skin to go live in-game, we have been treated to a look at what she looks like. Below is the main key are for her, from @Hypex on Twitter.


If you want to know what she looks like in-game, @Hypex has also showcased what each of the skin variants looks like once you've unlocked them.

It has also been confirmed that you'll be able to find the Cube Queen out on Fortnite's island, alongside the Caretaker Monster, but we're not sure where to find her just yet. The monster will drop a lot of loot when killing.

Some players have already encountered her, however, above the new The Convergence POI in the centre of the map. You'll find her hovering there, so take a look for yourself.