Fortnite Crew Pack May 2022: New Skins, V-Bucks, Battle Pass & More

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The Fortnite crew pack is a subscription service that gives players access to unique skins, items and V-Bucks. What comes with this subscription is a long wait in between its announcement and its release. Here's what we know is coming with the May 2022 Fortnite crew pack.

Fortnite Crew Pack May 2022

We finally know what the Fortnite Crew Pack for May 2022 is. In it, you can get yourself a brand new Southpaw skin. As well as this, you can get a few items to go with your new skin. They are:

  • Southpaw Outfit
  • Counterpunch Back Bling
  • Arc Flail Pickaxe
  • Loading Screen bonuses
  • Lobby Track bonus

You can get it for yourself right now for:

  • £9.99 a month in the UK
  • €11.99 in Europe
  • $11.99 in the US

What else comes in the Fortnite Crew Pack?

As well as all of the above, you get a deposit of 1000 V-Bucks every single month as well as access to the premium battle pass. If you already have the battle pass, you get another 970 V-Bucks in your account.

You will get the V-Bucks the second you sign up so this isn't contingent on the crew pack itself. This means the best time to get the pack is near the end of the current month, allowing you to get two crew packs for one month.

Fortnite Crew Pack April 2022 rewards

In April 2022, the Fortnite crew pack gave you access to the following:

  • Sayara
  • Fangs of Sayara Back Bling
  • Dual Machettas Pickaxe
  • Sayara Sights Wrap

As well as this, you could avail of the standard bonuses like extra V-Bucks and access to the battle pass. If you sign up right now, you can get April and May's crew pack.