22 Jun 2021 3:17 PM +00:00

Fortnite Suffering from crashing issues on Xbox One

Players have been reporting Fortnite crashing on Xbox One consoles following the release of 17.10.

We're not quite sure what's causing the issues, but Epic Games have acknowledged it and are looking into the issues, with a view to fixing them as soon as possible.

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Fortnite Xbox One Crashing Issues

The "stability issues" that have been mentioned are quite vague, but we know crashing upon load up is just one of them.

Epic Games said: "We are investigating stability issues on Xbox One, such as crashes on startup or when loading into a match. We will update you when this has been resolved."

We'll be sure to let you know once the problems are fixed.


17.10 Patch Release

This has all come after the release of the 17.10 patch, which has allowed you to actually enter the mothership that's been hovering above the map.

The 17.10 update has added a few new weapons, some new items, and introduced the Cosmic Summer event.

Therefore, it's to be expected that some issues would crop up, and they'll inevitably fixed sometime soon, so just wait it out for now.

Cosmic Summer Event

Another bug caused havoc before the start of the Cosmic Summer event, which is now live and has introduced various challenges and more to Fortnite Season 7.

While everything is sorted now and players can jump into the festivities, it all started with Believer Beach disappearing completely.

Due to a bug, none of the buildings loaded in, leaving the beach empty. Thankfully it's all back now.

Once the Xbox One crashing issue is fixed, Fortnite should be in a perfect state after the release of 17.10.