Cow Decoy Locations (Fortnite Week 6 Legendary Quest)

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In the penultimate Fortnite Week 6 Legendary quest, you're being asked to place cow decoys in farms. You'll need to place three of these cow decoys to complete the mission and receive your reward.

You'd think our Alien visitors were an advanced civilization and far too smart to fall for such a trick, but here we are. This is where you can find the cow decoy locations in Fortnite.

UPDATE: This quest requires you to have completed the prior step, 'Use an Inflate-A-Bull'. This item is currently disabled at the time of writing, check the in-game updates for news on when this will return to enable quest progression.

Cow Decoy Locations In Fortnite

The cow decoys are spread out across Corny Complex and Hayseed's Farm (Formerly Steel Farm). There are fourteen locations in total, so you should have no issues placing three cow decoys on the farms.

Fortnite Cow Decoy Locations
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LOCATIONS: Here's where you can place the cow decoys

The cow decoy locations are much better spread out in Corny Complex, but this will also be a more popular landing spot in general.


It could cause a little bit of mayhem early in games if everyone drops in on location but this is a rare occurrence outside of the first day of the quests going live.

Of course, you can always wait until later in a round when fewer players are alive to complete the quest with less chance of being interupted.

How To Place Cow Decoys In Farms

Once you have landed and tracked down one of the blue silhouettes of the cow decoys, you can approach them and interact to place the cow decoy.

Repeat this three times, ideally in the same match, and you'll have completed this Fortnite Week 6 Legendary quest and receive 30,000 XP!

Fortnite Cow Decoy How To Place
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EYE SPY: An example of the Cow Decoy silhouettes you need to find.

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