Fortnite: Could We See The Scrapped "Battle Bucks" Feature Anytime Soon?

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Fortnite is considered by many as one of the pioneers of this new obsession with in-game cosmetics.

Every day the Fortnite item shop gets updated with new skins and other cosmetic items.


Players can obtain these skins by purchasing an in-game currency called Vbucks which costs around $10 USD for one skin.

But, it appears Epic was contemplating a rewards-based currency back in Chapter 1.

Here's the details and if we could see it added anytime soon.

Battle Bucks

HYPEX, the most well known Fortnite data miner and leaker, shared a scrapped concept called Battle Bucks that was around in Chapter 1.


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Apparently players would be earn this currency through playing Fortnite more and more.

We can also assume players would be able to spend this currency on in-game cosmetic items via the Fortnite Item Shop.

"Fun Fact: there was a scrapped "Battle Bucks" currency back in Chapter 1 Season 1, the description was: "Currency earned by playing the Battle Royale game mode."


Will They Add It?

It is highly unlikely Epic is going to revisit this now scrapped idea.

However, people have noted that they could implement a feature similar to how Fall Guys rewards players.

HellCarrier POI

Fall Guys grants players another form of currency everytime they play a game.

This currency can then be used for items in the shop, so you do not even have to purchase in-game currency to get any skins.

This would be a fantastic feature that Epic should take a look at for the future of the game.

Twitter user droopypigy noted that Epic could use the following rewards system:

  • Top ten: 40 vbucks
  • Top five: 80 vbucks
  • Victory Royale: 100

Not a bad reward system! Accumulating victory royales over and over would reward you with a new cosmetic item after some time.

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