Fortnite Competitive: Season 4 Cash Cups Not to Require Champion Rank

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The world of Fortnite Competitive is one that is defined by its incredibly fast-paced building and shooting action, with players often having visually insane battles across the battle royale to establish themselves as the best in the world and reap the rewards.

For the average player, this can seem like an impossible feat, something that they'll never be able to participate in but according to some Fortnite leakers, that might not be the case any longer.

Here's what we know about the future of Fortnite Competitive.

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Fortnite Cash Cups No Longer Require Champion Rank

The report comes from reliable Fortnite Leaker and news source iFireMonkey via Twitter.

They suggest that when Chapter 3, Season 4 comes around, Arena Hype points will reset and the requirements for Cash-prized tournaments will change along with them.

The change in question? The removal of the Champion Rank requirement for entry. This means that even more people can enter the tournaments so long as any other requirements are met.

What those requirements are is unknown as of writing, but this could make entering the Cash Cup tournaments and other cash-prized tournaments a lot easier for most players.


Before this change, the Champion Rank was needed, asking for a massive amount of hype to be earned through playing Fortnite competitive games consistently and performing well within them. The lowest part of the entry for this division was 6,000 Hype points, with the highest of the high being reserved for 16,000 points.

Now that this is no longer necessary, it is likely that the Contender Rank will instead be required, a feat which will still require some skill but will at least give more of us a chance to get some cash out of our favourite battle royale so get practising now to jump in as soon as season 4 drops.

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