Fortnite Community Battles: What Is It, Sign Up, Dates, Prize Pool, and More!

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We are just over a month away until the release of Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 5.

Now, most players have completed their battle pass and they are anticipating the season-ending event.

Which Donald Mustard has noted will be the biggest of all time.

Now, a new way to compete is kicking off today and you are your friends who can support your favorite content creator while doing so!


What Is It

As noted on the official Fortnite Community Battles page, players can sign up and compete everyday for all sorts of rewards and prizes.

Table of Contents

Each day will feature two brand new teams, and they will battle it out to see who comes out on top.

So far, there are over 230,000 people registered! Seems to be a popular event.

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There are an ample amount of prizes up for grabs as well.

The winning team will receive a free Meowsicles spray for their troubles, as well there are some notable rewards players can also earn.

Fortnite | Community Battles
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Players will also be able to earn the following:

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  • Reach top 5000 on the leaderboard of the winning team and win 200 Vbucks
  • Reach top 1000 on the leaderboard of the winning team and win 250 Vbucks
  • Reach top 100 on the leaderboard of the winning team and win 1000 Vbucks

So, there are some amazing prizes up for grabs this time around!

Sign Up

If you are looking to play in this Fortnite Community Battle, head over to the official sign up page here.

Make sure you are also logged into your Epic Games account, so all you have to do is hit register!


The Community Battles takes place everyday, so check back often for when you are able to play!

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