Fortnite: The Combat Pistol has finally arrived

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Fortnite Update 18.30 delivered big time when it arrived this week and among all of the awesome content we received, we also learnt about some brand new weapons coming to the game. One of these weapons was the Combat Pistol.

It joins the other combat weapons that have been added to the rotation this season and we've got all of the info and stats you need to know.


Combat Pistol Location

When live, the Combat Pistol will not be a special weapon in Fortnite. This means it will have a regular drop rate shared with the standard pistol much like the assault rifles.

You will be able to find the Combat Pistol in chests and on the ground in locations where weapons can spawn. The weapon can be upgraded using nuts and bolts up to Legendary rarity. The Combat Pistol is semi-automatic just like the standard weapon meaning it will fire as fast as you can keep tapping away!


In the weapon's description, it mentions that the weapon benefits greatly from aiming down the sights which indicates that it doesn't have great hip-fire accuracy. This is a big benefit to the base pistol especially if you're ever surprised by a player and don't have time to get your aim sorted!

Weapon Stats

We also have details on the stats that the Combat Pistol will have for each of its rarities. Only two of the weapons stats change as the magazine size and fire rate do not change, they remain at 15 and 6.75 respectively, regardless of weapon level.

Fortnite Combat Pistol stats and rarities

The two stats that do change as you upgrade the weapon are damage and reload time. At Common rarity, the weapon will do 23 damage with a reload time of 1.54 seconds. If a Legendary rarity the damage is increased to 28 and the reload time is shortened to 1.26 seconds.