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05 Jul 2019

Fortnite: Cloud9 Re-Enters The Game

Photo via Cloud9 on Twitter

The legendary organization commanded by Jack Etienne has made a comeback into competitive Fortnite. 

North American organization Cloud9 field competitive teams in popular titles such as League of Legends, Counter Strike Global Offensive, and Rocket League, had only once before fielded a competitive Fortnite roster. Popular player Jacob "Hysteria" Reiser once donned the white and gold which has become synonymous with Cloud9 but was let go earlier in the year. 

Cloud9's return to Fortnite is not surprising as their newest roster has some World Cup qualified players representing the team at the Fortnite World Cup Finals in New York City this month, but due to Epic Games' jersey and logo rules they cannot show Cloud9's sponsors which include the likes of Red Bull and BMW. 

The much-awaited return seems fueled from the conclusion of the Online Open Qualifiers for the World Cup. Signing a roster of players not qualified for the finals was not in Cloud9's best interest as they join the growing list of prominent organizations sending players to the World Cup next month which include FaZe Clan, Team Liquid and Team Secret.

Photo via Cloud9 on Twitter

The new look Cloud9 Fortnite roster is comprised primarily of Brazilians with some notable players in the scene.

The full four-player roster is: 

  • Igor "drakoNz" Fernandes Theophilo Amorim
  • Patrick "BlackoutZ" Garcia Da Silva
  • Nicollas "Nicks" Polonio
  • Skylar "snow" Babinski

With Snow being the only American residing player for this roster, there is the potential of the other three Brazilians to link up for the upcoming Fortnite Trios event this month. Cloud9 will be heavily represented at the Fortnite World Cup, with Nicks, Snow, and drakoNz all successfully qualified for the solo portion of the World Cup. Nicks is further qualified for the duo portion with his partner Pedro "pfzin" Figueiredo Se de Freitas who is not signed to Cloud9, meaning there will be a flurry of blue in New York City. 

The future looks promising for Cloud9's competitive Fortnite roster, although the South American region is looked down upon as one of the "weaker" regions, the newly signed players will be looking to make their mark on the Fortnite world.