Fortnite Winterfest Event 2021: Event over for another year!

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Fortnite's Chapter 3 has been relentless so far and we're loving every moment of it. Epic Games confirmed that Winterfest is returning to Fortnite to celebrate the holiday season. It returned on Thursday, 16 December and ended on Thursday, 6 January.

Here's everything we know about it so far.


Latest - Winterfest 2021 has ended.

It's been fun, but Winterfest 2021 has come to an end and all content has left the game. Any unclaimed items are now lost to the void and we'll have to wait another 11 months for another event!


Winterfest is underway and the big news is Spider-Man: No Way Home skins are coming to the island soon! This means official Tom Holland and Zendaya skins for Spider-Man and Mary Jane will be hitting the island before you know it!

You can also head to the Cozy Lodge and open one present each day containing a brand new costmetic, there are even some brand new skins included! A new Winterfest quest will also go live each day giving you the chance to earn some lovely XP!

Winter Peely & Isabelle Skins Coming

After yesterday's update, it has been revealed that a Christmas Isabelle and Winter Peely skin are going to be coming to the item store.


It was also revealed that every present in the Winterfest cabin is from 'MJ' which further hints that Mary Jane will be arriving on the island soon too!

Official Winterfest Loading Screen Released

Coming alongside the unexpected 19.01 update, the official loading screen for Fortnite's Winterfest 2021 has been revealed.

You can check it out, via @iFireMonkey, down below:


Below is everything else you need to know about the event. It should now be beginning very soon.

New Challenge locations leaked?

We don't know exactly what Challenges you'll be faced with during this year's Winterfest Christmas Event in Fortnite, but we do know that there's going to be Christmas Trees and new IO Outposts - you didn't think flipping the island was enough, did you?

HYPEX has shared the following maps below, detailing all the locations of event-related Christmas Trees and the new IO installations.

There's a lot more information to come, but we might not see any from Epic Games for a little while yet. They like to keep things a secret. Keep your eyes peeled and read on for more information about the event - from what we know so far, anyway.

Winterfest Christmas Event due to Start soon?

We could be seeing Winterfest start on either Tuesday 15 or 21 of December and run through to the New Year.


Not many leaks currently exist around the event yet but this could change over the coming days.

Chapter 3 is live

Fortnite Chapter 3 is live and it appears that Winterfest 2021 is already underway in some fashion. The Island is covered in snow and possibly even hiding some additional POI.

fortnite chapter 3 map snow

The snow is set to stick around until Week 8 of Season 1 which is mid-late January. Winterfest 2021 is still yet to be made official but could begin as soon as next week.

Fortnite Winterfest 2021 Details

Unfortunately, Winterfest isn't officially confirmed for 2021 just yet, but we have a strong feeling it should still happen. Despite the impending arrival of Chapter 3, there should be plenty of time in the calendar to allow Winterfest to take place.


We expect something official by Tuesday, 21 December at the latest. The event should be love for around one week and usually runs through the Christmas period. Typically, the Winterfest period happens under a specific event name. Last years event was known as Operation Snowdown

How Winterfest Works

If the 2021 edition of Winterfest was to take on the same structure as previous years then here's what we can expect;

  • Map changes to add in some festive looking areas. Likely adding snow, decorations and presents.
  • A dedicated questline with cosmetic rewards such as a loading screen, spray, weapon skin and possibly a glider or pickaxe.
  • Festive NPC added to the game to act as a quest giver.
  • New and returning Skins, bundles and cosmetics added to the item store.

No game does its events quite as well as Fortnite so however Winterfest 2021 plays out, it'll be a crowdpleaser for sure. We would like to see the event play a part in the Chapter 3, Season 1 story but with both events starting so close together, this could be unlikely.

We'll keep you up to date with the latest news as and when it arrives.