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22 Jan 2020

Fortnite: Chinese New Year Event: Skins, Details, Fireworks and More!

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When Is It?

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Leaked Skins!

Chinese New Year is quickly approaching us, the worldwide holiday is celebrated by millions of people across the world and it seems Fortnite has something special in store for us.

Last year, Epic Games released some Lunar New Year skins along with some in-game fireworks.

Thanks to data miners it appears we may be getting something similar this time around! Let's check it out!


One of the Chinese promotional posters spotted!

It is not known as of now if Epic Games is intending to implement the event across the world.

The promotional poster above was only posted for Fortnite China, so it appears this may be the only region to get the event.

However, should we get an event this coming Chinese New Year; expect it to be filled with fireworks and other festivities.

When Is It?

Fortnite's poster from last Lunar New Year!

Chinese New Year is this coming Saturday, January 25, 2020! So be on the lookout for an event sometime during the day!

Leaked Skins!

Thanks to @ShiinaBR there are numerous leaked skins coming for Chinese New Year. Keep an eye out on the item shop in the coming days for these.



Jade Racer

Smoke Dragon


Shifu - Present in the game files since August 2019!

What do you think of the upcoming Lunar New Year skins?