Fortnite: Chapter Two Season Four - Ghostbusters bundles now available in the item store

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Fortnite has been taken over by ghosts, so Epic Games is sending in the Ghostbusters to take care of them!

Ghostbusters in the Item Shop

As part of this season’s ongoing Fortnitemares event, a handful of Ghostbusters bundles have just hit the game’s item shop!

fortnite ghostbusters pickaxe
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BRAND NEW: The Proton Pickaxe is now available in the Fortnite items store

There appear to be two bundles of either male or female busters that will cost you 2,000 V-Bucks each, or you can purchase individual characters for 800 V-Bucks.

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There aren’t any actual characters from the film series as they would likely have to have also acquired likeness rights from each actor.

Ghostbuster Gear Bundle

While the Ghostbusters themselves are fun, the biggest must-have is the gear bundle.

fortnite ghostbusters glider
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GLIDE IN STYLE: The new Ghostbuster themed Ecto-Glider is now available for purchase

This bundle includes an incredible Ecto-Glider and Proton Pickaxe, as well as the infamous Ghost Trap and iconic Proton Pack.

It’ll cost you 1800 V-Bucks just for this bundle alone.

Fortnite is sure to have several more treats on the way, as Halloween is just under a week away now!

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