Fortnite Chapter 3: What is a Victory Crown?

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As part of the Fortnite Chapter 3, Season 1 update, Victory Crowns have been introduced. What are they and why do you need to have one as often as possible?

It's inevitable that you may eventually be in possession of one or earn one through natural play. So here's what they do and how you get them.

How to get a Victory Crown in Fortnite

There are two main ways to get your hands on a Victory Crown in Fortnite Chapter 3. The first is probably the most obvious way, play well! By fighting your way to a Victory Royale in any mode, you'll be guaranteed Victory Crown for doing.

Fortnite victory crowns
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Victory Crowns are handed out post-match

Officially, if you're playing in Trios or Squads, you must win the game to earn a crown. If playing in Duos you must finish as one of the Top 2 teams and for Solos, you need to finish in the top 4 players.

You can drop a Victory Crown too, this means that you may stumble across one in the wild mid-match and it should be marked on your map if you're close to it. If eliminated while in possession of a crown (via any method) you will also drop it.

What does a Victory Crown do in Fortnite?

A Victory Crown's main benefit is that it will boost the XP you earn in every match you play in possession of it. If you manage to bag a win while wearing a crown, you'll also earn a special emote that counts and displays the amount of Crowned Victory Royales you earn.


With XP being a bit more balanced in Chapter 3, Season 1, this can play a huge factor in flying through the Battle Pass levels as standard methods of earning XP can be a little bit slower this season.