Is Fortnite Chapter 3 coming sooner than we think?

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The Fortnite community is obsessed with what's next and it's both a source of excitement and an excruciatingly frustrating aspect of being a fan. Epic could deliver the top 10 most requested features to the game tomorrow and there are large sections of the fanbase that will say 'well what about numbers 11 to 20?'

It's just part of the service in modern gaming, especially when dealing with a live service title that's always changing. What was most interesting about this recent update, however, was one leaker's theory as to how we may be closer to the next major landscape change than we may know.

Fortnite Chapter 3 Starting Soon?

In a series of tweets yesterday, @FNChiefAko put forward a very interesting theory that suggests the current storyline may see us transition from Chapter 2 into Chapter 3 much sooner than expected. It's well worth noting that this is just a theory constructed from in-game information that potentially suggests Chapter 3 arriving soon, there is no solid proof of it happening.


The Cube Queen has arrived on the island and it's led to a magnifying glass being placed over past leaks and her cosmetic descriptions. Take, for instance, her pickaxe, the 'Reality Render', which states 'This staff has ended countless realities. Soon, the Island will join them.'

Mix this in with the pre Season 8 rumours that have so far all turned out to be correct like the addition of The Sideways and Mechs returning to the island. Buried within these leaks was the suggestion that Fortnite Chapter 3 would completely redesign the map and with everything going on at the moment, it's hard to see how the map will revert back to its Chapter 2 starting look.


Further adding to these suggestions that Chapter 3 is imminent are the lyrics in the Cube Queen's anthem. In it, there are suggestions that when the player previously defeated the cube, it was just an illusion created by the Queen instead.

Finally, there is the text attached to the Cube Queen's back bling, the 'Cubic Vortex', which states 'Time is running out for you. Tick, tick, tick.'


The case is compelling for Fortnite Chapter 3 starting very soon even if not as the next big update. We'll keep an eye on developments here and should any further evidence come to light, we'll keep you in the loop!