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Fortnite: Where to donate Gold Bars to construction sites in Season 8

The wait is over, as the new Fortnite, Chapter 2 Season 8 update is finally live!

The massive new update includes a ton of new content and things to do on the battlefield - including fighting your way into The Sideways for powerful weapons, using the returning Shockwave Launcher.

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Along with these new additions, players can also donate Gold Bars to Construction Sites, and it has some interesting effects! Here's where to donate gold bars in Fortnite and what it offers.

Where to Donate Gold Bars

There are several new things to look forward to in every new season of Fortnite and one of the more unique additions this time around is the ability to donate your Gold Bars to Construction Sites.

A turret station on Fortnite
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You can now donate Gold Bars in the new season of Fortnite

To do this, you'll first have to look for Turret Stations. Eventually, the quantity of Gold Bars contributed will establish which weapons will be unveiled and which new ones should be developed.

Craftable Weapons

Another thing to look forward to is crafting your own weapons. Here's a quick guide on how to actually craft your own weapons in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 8.

  • Choose a Craftable Weapon template
  • Gather up several Nuts and Bolts from around the map while playing
  • Access your Inventory and go to the Crafting Tab in the menu
  • Select the Craftable Weapon you want to level up from the bottom (your weapons)
  • Last but not the least, choose Craft and wait for the process to finish

Voila! A new weapon. Thanks to this easy process you can pick up a weapon with extra potency when you need it most, and unleash your handiwork on your opponents!

The Sideways

If these new Craftable Weapons in Fortnite aren't enough for you, you can take on a whole new challenge in fighting through to The Sideways.

The Sideways is a dangerous place where players can fight their way through to earning the powerful Sideways Minigun among other special guns that pack an extra punch in the right hands.

If you can survive the gauntlet, these weapons can carry any team to a victory royale!