20 Mar 2021 4:19 PM +00:00

Why the crafting system is ruining Fortnite

Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 6 released earlier this week and completely changed everything we know about the game.

The new season introduced a new crafting system, allowing players to craft their perfect loadout.

But, it sounds much better on paper than it actually is in-game.

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The New Loot Pool

Season 6 saw the addition of a crafting system, which allows players to create a variety of weapons.

The map has gone back in time to a more primal time, with the new Primal weapons introduced, which are more primitive forms of weapons we know and love.

Fortnite Season 6 Hunting Wildlife
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The current loot pool consists of Assault Rifles, Shotguns, SMGs, Pistols, Explosives such as Grenades and Rocket Launchers, and Bows which replaced the Sniper Rifles.


Each weapon type, except explosives, consists of three different variations.

First is the Makeshift weapon, which is a basic primitive version, which is there mainly to be crafted into a better weapon.

Then there are the new Primal weapons, and finally, Mechanical weapons which are regular weapons we're used to, such as the Scar and Spaz.


By harvesting Bones or Mechanical parts, players can craft either Primal or Mechanical weapons.

Bones can be found by hunting the new wildlife animals that can be found across the map.

Mechanical parts can be found by harvesting vehicles.

Once four are collected, a Makeshift weapon can be crafted into either type of weapon.

So What's The Problem?


Season 5 saw the addition of Gold Bars, which allow players to upgrade weapons, purchase Exotic rarity weapons amongst other things.

One great feature about Gold Bars is, they carry over between matches, meaning that players can horde them until they really need them.

Fortnite Wildlife key art
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With the new Bones and Mechanical parts, they don't carry over, meaning that they need to be collected each match.


This means that players need to either land at certain spots that make getting either Bones or Mechanical parts easy to find, or take their chances with floor loot and chests and hope they come across the loadout they want.

By having to harvest them every match, this slows the pace of the game down dramatically for those that want a specific loadout.

If you will just take what you get and worry about it later then you can have a high action match still.

But, for example, if you don't like Primal weapons, then your drop spot will have to be one of the places where Mechanical parts are easier to find, such as Holly Hedges or Sweaty Sands.

And then you've got to actually harvest them and create the loadout you want.

In a recent video by Fresh, he created his perfect loadout of an Epic Assault Rifle and Epic Shotgun.

By the time he crafted both weapons, there were just 37 other players on the map and the first circle was closing and in his words "I haven't seen anyone yet".


This means that nearly 2/3 of all players in the match had been eliminated by the time that Fresh was ready to fight.

Fresh still managed to pull off a 14 elimination Victory Royale, but Fresh isn't like you and me.

For us regular players, this likely means a 2 or 3 elimination win with very little action, hardly enjoyable.

What Can Be Changed?

The best solution to this would be the allow for Bones and Mechanical parts to carry over match to match, much like the Gold Bars do.

This would allow players to have the supplies they need to craft their loadout quickly and get into the action.