Fortnite Week 10: Build Sandcastles challenge guide

Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 6 will be wrapping up soon with the season having just three weeks left to go unless Epic Games delays the season.

Here is how to complete the Build Sandcastles challenge.

How to Build Sandcastles

Dotted across various beaches on the map will be locations to build sandcastles.

They are identified by showing an outline of a sandcastle.

Approach it and hold your Use button and then the sandcastle will be created and the challenge will unlock.

Fortnite Season 6 Week 10 Build Sandcastles
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Season 6 Week 10 Epic Quests

Sandcastle warfare commencing with Week 10 Epic quests. Full list below.

All Epic Quests grant 24,000 XP, we'll add individual guides to the challenges once they are live.

Season 6 Week 10 Legendary Quests

  • Time airborne using Hop Floppers and Shockwave Grenades (100, 200, 300, 400, 500)

The first legendary quest grants you 35,000 XP with the next four granting 24,500 XP

Batman X Fortnite Zero Point #3 Out This Week

The third issue of the new Fortnite X Batman Zero Point comic book series is due to be released on Wednesday, May 20th.

Fortnite Batman Zero Point Issue 2
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Zero Point will be a six-part series that sees Batman once again end up on the Fortnite island after being sucked into the Zero Point loop.

He will then have to try and find his way back home by discovering how the loop works.

The series will run from April-July with new issues being released every two weeks.

You can check out the comics here.

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