Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 5 Theme: New Map, Star Wars, Release Date & more

Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 4 is now over, with Season 5 set for launch!

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Here's everything we know.

Season 4 Finale


Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 4 ended on Tuesday, 1 December after the huge Galactus event.

We are now awaiting Season 5 with plenty of updates in the works.

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The Mandalorian Is Coming To Fortnite

Every season Epic has a wide array of skins up for grabs in the Battle Pass.

Season 4 was entirely Marvel themed, with many characters such as Thor, Iron Man, and Wolverine making an appearance.

It appears that Season 5 won't be a themed Battle Pass and will instead go back to original Fortnite characters.


However, much like Chapter 2 Season 2 and 3, there will be a collaborative secret skin.

In Season 2 the secret skin was Deadpool, and in Season 3 it was Aquaman.

Epic Games accidentally revealed that the Season 4 secret skin will be the Mandalorian from the hit Disney+ show of the same name.

Fortnite Season 5 Battle Pass Leak ShiinaBR
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LEAKED: Epic Games accidentally leaked that the Mandalorian will be the Season 5 secret skin.

In addition to the Mandalorian, Baby Yoda/The Child will be the back bling for the skin.


This wouldn't be the first time that Epic Games has collaborated with Star Wars.

In December 2019 a Star Wars event was held to promote the release of Star Wars Episode 9: The Rise of Skywalker.

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Star Wars is owned by Disney, like Marvel, which is likely the reason for the heavy focus on both the Star Wars and Marvel franchises.

There is also currently an offer where players that purchase V-Bucks in-game will receive 2 free months of Disney+.

The Mandalorian is the flagship show of Disney+ so this could further draw attention to the platform.

Black Hole Part 2?


It has been leaked that Galactus will destroy the current Chapter 2 map, taking us to a 2 day downtime like the black hole event.

With the event taking place on December 1st, the game will remain offline until December 3rd.

A Reddit user posted a leaked clip of what will happen when players load back into the game when downtime ends on December 3rd.

The Black Hole event was the biggest moment in Fortnite history, reaching peak interest in Google searches, as well as making headlines around the world.


Season 5 Theme

Every season of Fortnite has its own theme that the season is centred around.

In the past we've seen;

  • Season 1 – Theme = NONE
  • Season 2 – Theme = Medieval
  • Season 3 -Theme = Space
  • Season 4 – Theme = Super Heroes
  • Season 5 – Theme = Worlds Collide
  • Season 6 – Theme = Halloween
  • Season 7 – Theme = Winter
  • Season 8 – Theme = Pirates
  • Season 9 – Theme = Future
  • Season X – Theme = Time
  • CH2S1 – Theme = Doppelgangers
  • CH2S2 – Theme = Ghost vs Shadow
  • CH2S3 - Theme = Aquatic
  • CH2S4 - Theme = Marvel

However, Chapter 2 Season 4 is the first season where we've seen a theme outside of the world of Fortnite.

Fortnite and Marvel have been collaborating since the early days of the game.

In 2018 there was the original Thanos LTM which allowed players to transform into Thanos.

While in 2019 there was another event which saw players be able to use Marvel themed weapons, much like what we see now in Season 4.

The collaboration is expected to last much longer than just this season and will be a multi-year collaboration.

Fortnite content creator, SypherPK, recently discussed in a video what Season 5 might be like.

In the video he mentioned that the end of season event will be the biggest that we have ever seen, and the story likely won't conclude with the event.


He theorizes that the Marvel story, and the Nexus War, will likely continue into Season 5.

Good news if you're a huge fan of Chapter 2 Season 4, but not so much if you can't wait for the Mythic abilities to leave the game.

Remixed Map

With Galactus destroying the Chapter 2 map, it is expected that Season 5 will bring a hybrid map of Chapter 1 and Chapter 2.

Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 5 Map Week 1
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TIME TO EXPLORE! It looks like there are some new locations in Season 5

The map will have a new design and will blend the best parts of each map, with many POIs returning, such as Tilted Towers.


Release Date

The start of Season 5 was delayed until December 3rd, the original date was scheduled to be November 30th.

Whether or not the season gets delayed is still a mystery, but we will have to wait and see.

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Leaks and Rumors

We will be sure to update you with any leaks we hear from notable Fortnite data miners over the coming weeks!

Any other hints?

We could dispute the theme of the next Fortnite season all day long with the abundance of rumours and theories doing the rounds.

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BANANAS - Could we see yet another Banana skin?

But for now, we're holding our breath in the hope that some information will be confirmed by Epic.