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Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 5: Could The Chapter 1 Map Be Returning? Fan Theory, News and More!

The release of Chapter 2 Season 5 is around five weeks from now.

There has been an ample amount of discussion surrounding the return of the old map since Chapter 2 was introduced last year.

Now, a new fan theory may have solved some clues!


Reddit user u/SvenWillNeverDie420 posted a rather complex image of their theory behind Season 5's map.

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They have connected some of Donald Mustard's tweets, along with the in-game menu for Iron Man.

As well, they have even included the definition of Nexus; which is the whole theme of Season 4.

Check it out for yourself below!

Nexus connection 1
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WOW - Quite the theory!

Will It Happen

We mean, there is always a chance the old map is going to return next season.


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The theory itself is not the worst we have seen, there are some points which immediately stand out to us.

The connection between Donald Mustard's tweet and the definition of Nexus is shockingly similar.

Noting 'it all connects' was one of the strangest tweets before the new season.

And with the Nexus being the reason we are on this new map, it does appear to have some relatiom

Loot Lake 'Zero Point' Orb breaking apart as Season 10 approaches | Fortnite  INTEL
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BOOM - What started it all!


We will have to wait and see what leaks surface over the coming weeks.

Epic will without a doubt have something up their sleeves for the release of Season 5!

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