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03 Sep 2020

Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 4: Week Two XP Coins Locations – Green, Blue, Gold and Purple XP Coins!

Epic continues to add new coins all over the map each week since Season 4 released.

With Chapter 2 Season 4 being out for over a week now, we are now in the second wave of challenges and XP coins.

A new set of coins has appeared on the map!

Here are all the locations.


For those who do not know, there are three different types of XP coins; and new ones spawn each week on the map.

Here is a quick outline of all the coins and how much XP you will gain from each:

  • Green – Most common XP Coin, rewards 5,000 XP
  • Purple – Will burst into smaller XP Coins, collecting all will grant you 10,300 XP
  • Blue – Have timers on them during the match, rewards 6,500 XP
  • Gold – Will reward you with 15,000 XP

Week Two

Since the second set of weekly challenges has released, players have been hard at work finding the new XP coins.

ProGameGuides has posted the below image of the locations of all the week two XP Coins.

Week 2 min 1

SIMPLE - Not a lot of coins this week!

As well, wolker4 has posted a handy YouTube video for a better visual guide to these coins.

Check it out below.

Good luck hunting these coins!