Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 4: Rocket League POI - Leaks, Images, Release Date, and More!

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Season 4 is nearing its halfway point already!

The recently announced partnership between Rocket League and Fortnite has seen ample in-game rewards.

Now, some leaks of a Rocket League inspired POI has some fans eager to jump in.

Here's what we know!



Fortnite data miners Mang0eLeaks and SizzyLeaks tweeted out numerous leaks of the new POI.

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The files were found within the last patch, which released September 23rd.

Although the POI has not been implemented into the game yet, we already know what it'll look like.

Check it out below!

Rocket League POI min 1
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NICE - Some of the best games out!


The POI itself is not a major landmark as we see around the Fortnite map.

Instead it appears to be a landmark of some sorts, a house dedicated to Rocket League.

Release Date

We do not know when the POI will be added into the game.

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We can assume it will be added soon, as Rocket League recently became free-to-play on the Epic Games store.

This decision has bolstered Rocket League to over one million active players in a short span of time.

Crushing its previous player count record, and all it took was it to go free!

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