Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 4: New Teaser Revealed - More Details Revealed About Season 14!

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With just two long days before the release of Season 4, fans are itching to check it out.

Epic has been communicating heavily with teasers in the leadup to the new season.

Now, we have one of the final images before the season kicks off!

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Here it is.


Full Teaser

Posted all over social media, if you have not seen the new teaser for Season 4 you can check it out below!

VastBlastt was the first leaker able to post the image as well!

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NICE - Something big is going to happen!



Like the previous teasers for this season, we can assume they are all somehow going to connect.

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Instead of a in-game event; Fortnite has been triggering certain changes with each teaser they have posted.

Yesterday, they made Thor's hammer appear on the map along with a massive crater!

Fortnite Thor Hammer
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WOW - What can we expect?

Website Code

VastBlastt also found this new source code within the Fortnite website.

Marvel 1
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MARVEL - Almost time!

We can assume this will appear on the Fortnite website when the season officially releases!

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