Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 4: How To Open The Vault At Stark Industries - Iron Man, Key Card, and More!

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Chapter 2 Season 4 just released its biggest update to date.

The new update has an ample amount of content including a brand new POI.

Stark Industries is massive, and not only does it feature Iron Man; but a brand new vault.

Here's how to open it!

Where's Stark Industries

The brand new POI is quite hard to miss.

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Stark Industries has replaced Frenzy Farm, which is located around the center of the map.

This POI is one of the largest in the game as well!


In order to open the vault, you are going to need to grab the keycard for Stark Industries.

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This can be found by finding and eliminating Iron Man; who is the boss of this POI.

Iron Man can be found inside the main building of the POI; and will be around the second floor or the garage on the bottom floor.

Iron Man 2
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STRONG - Be careful!


Once you eliminate Iron and grab the keycard; you are going to need to head to the vault itself.

This can be found just north of the main building.

It is the just below the helipad!

Check out his helpful YouTube video from grovz15!

Best of luck!

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