Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 4: How To Find Thor’s Mjolnir Strike!

The god of thunder’s signature move has arrived onto the Fortnite island! Here’s where to find it!

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Thors Mjolnir Strike

The V14.10 patch has arrived and it is jammed full of content.

Brand new Mythic Weapons are finally here.

Here’s how to locate Thor’s Mjolnir Strike


What Is It

The signature move from the thunder god himself.

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Thor’s Mjolnir Strike could be one of the strongest Mythic Weapons in the entire game, but only time will tell.

Where Is It?

Although Thor does not have a POI for himself, you will still be able to find this item.

Players will be able to find Thor’s Mjolnir Strike at the Quinjet Patrol Jets circling the map!

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