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Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 4: How To Destroy Gatherers - What Are They, Spawns, Challenges and More!

We are now moving onto week four of the weekly challenges.

Each week has offered something unique and this week is no different.

Gatherers have appeared on the map thanks to Galactus.


Here's how to destroy them!

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What Are They

The new Gatherers are drones sent by Galactus, which are bound to disrupt the Fortnite map.

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The Gatherers spawn from the other robots called Gorgers; and they are quite strong.

Players will notice them from a mile away, as the design is quite menacing.

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Image via progameguides.com


How To Destroy Them

So, when you eventually encounter one of the Gorgers you should let it spawn in as many Gatherers as you can handle.

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Keep in mind you are going to need to eliminate 20 of them!

So take your time, there is no rush; but be careful of the Gorgers attacks.

Spawn Point?

The Gorgers and Gatherers have no set spawn point from what we can tell.

They will randomly appear somewhere on the map during any match!

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