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Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 4: Gnome Trap Locations - Secret Challenge Guide

Chapter 2 Season 4 has been hitting well with Fortnite fans.

The Marvel-themed season is one of the best in recent memory and it is nearly at its halfway point.

Now, the gnomes are once again back and they have another secret challenge for you.

Here's how to complete it!


The challenge itself is apart of the on-going Gnome challenges.

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This one requires a bit more effort than the previous ones however.

You will need to search the Fortnite map for five hidden traps set by the gnomes.


There a total of five traps all around the map, and for the most part they are relatively easy to find.

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Head over to Sweaty Sands and go east of the big hotel.

The first trap will be hidden in the corner, it is hard to miss the shack it is tucked away in!

Sweaty Sands | Fortnite Wiki | Fandom
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FIND - Best of luck!


Next, head over to Holly Hedges and the trap will be in the back lot of the main building.

This is where a random assortment of items are placed, so it may be tricky at first to find it!

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Moving along to Craggy Cliffs this one is just under the back patio all the way on the beach!

The fourth trap is under the bridge in the middle of Misty Meadows.

Last but not least, the final trap is along the ground of one of the reactors at Steamy Stacks!

It is unknown how many more gnome challenges Epic will add in the coming updates.

We assume there will be more to follow and we cannot wait to see!

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