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Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 4: Could The Map Be Destroyed? Massive Map Changes, Thor's Hammer, Nexus, News, Rumors, and More!

Chapter 2 Season 4 is just a few days away now.

Fortnite has begun releasing teaser images quite early this season, and we already know that it is going to be Marvel-themed.

Now, a new leaked batch of images may signal what is about to happen on the map!

Here's what we know.

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Thor's Hammer and Crater

An image of Thor's hammer and crater has been leaked by twitter user @FNBRHQ

thors hammer fortnite season 4
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MARVEL - Which characters will arrive in Season 4?


This leak gives us even more evidence pointing towards the marvel crossover coming next season!

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We can't wait to see how this is implemented into Fortnite's gameplay!

Teaser Images

Beginning on Friday, August 21st, 2020; the official Fortnite account has been posted teaser images in the lead-up to the new season.

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Now, VastBlastt was able to uncover the next two days worth of teaser images that they were prepared to post.

With this new set of images, players have concluded that the final word that the images are going to spell is NEXUS!

Teaser 5 4
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WOW - This could be massive!



For those who do not know, the Nexus has a deep connection with the Fortnite story line; and it dates back longer than you may think.

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Thinking back to Season X, the only reason we had to leave the old Fortnite map is because of the Visitor's interference with the Nexus or Zero Point.

This was the whole story line last year, and for those who do not remember; Lazy Lake was the center of the whole Nexus.

Map Changes

With the in-game rift now appearing above Catty Corner.

A lot of players have assumed that this is where Thor, The Herald, and Galactus are going to spawn for the big event.

Teaser 4 3
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MAP - Could we be going back in time?

This could also mean that the three of them are going to fight over contention of the Nexus or Zero Point.



Another theory is the above teaser image that was leaked today.

It is quite odd that Fortnite would choose to use the old design for Jonesy; rather than the current one.

So, there is a chance we are heading back to some sort of alternate timeline.

One where the super heros battle it out enough that they interfere with the Nexus and we go back in time!

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