Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 4: Best New Map Concepts - Rumors, Thor's Hammer Creator, News and More!

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Summer is almost over, unfortunately, but this also means we are heading into another brand new Fortnite season.

Unlike last season where we had the majority of information leaked, we know very little regarding Season 4.

This has not stopped creative Fortnite fans however!

Table of Contents

Here are some insane map concepts.

Thor's Hammer Creator

Recent Leaks show a possible creator for Thor's Hammer.

thors hammer fortnite season 4
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MARVEL - Which Characters will feature in the new season?


This will likely land in random spots around the map allowing players to pick it up and obtain the power of Thor!

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This first concept was posted on the official Fortnite Reddit by user u/Nova_The_Power.

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Taking some of the old aspects of the Chapter 1 map with the different biomes, this one is quite the favorite on the subreddit.

It also notes the return of the Viking POI and The Block from Chapter 1!

Map COncept 1 min 1
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WOW - Beautiful isn't it?


Simple, Yet Clean

Next on our list is another concept posted on the Fortnite subreddit. This time by user Zartayus.

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This concept is nowhere near as complex or extravagant as the above one.

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But, this one has one amazing change that players love.

That of course is Salty Springs being removed!

Map COncept 3 min 1
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GONE - Who would actually miss Salty?


What Will Actually Happen?

The leadup to the new season has been pretty dry in terms of leaks.

However, we can expect more news regarding the new teaser to be revealed soon!

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