Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 3: New Weapons and Items - Desert Eagle?, Chug jug, Chug Splash, Stink Bombs, Leaks, Rumors & More

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We are just around the corner from the highly anticipated Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 3.

Been and gone are the delays, replaced by an epic event that went off with a bang (to say the least!) And now, we're inching closer to the new season with the downtime officially being confirmed.

Every new season implements some new weapons into the Fortnite loot pool, and what we can expect next season?

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All New Weapons

HYPEX was once again able to leak all of the new weapons, check them out!

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*UPDATE* New Shotgun's and More

HYPEX was able to discover some of the files of the new weapons going to be useable this season.

Check them out below.

New Shotguns
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POW - Hopefully this shotgun is awesome!


Deagle Model Updated?

A since-deleted post from Reddit User PM092 posted the below image of a new and updated Hand Cannon (Deagle) model that was seemingly found within the files.

Epic appears to only update skins/weapons if they plan on returning them into the game sometime soon. Take the Recon Expert skin for example.

Hand Cannon
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BOON - One of the coolest guns to use!


So, there could be a chance we are going to see the return of the Hand Cannon in Season 3!

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It had the ability to one-shot any material in the game, so it was relatively easy to get inside someone’s build.

hand cannon legendary
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BOOM - One of the strongest weapons in Fortnite


It was similar to the way the Heavy Sniper functions now, but it had a seven-round magazine too!

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Although the Hand Cannon was one of the strongest pistols ever added into the game, we think it would serve a unique role in the current state of the game.

With a significant decrease to some of its damage stats, the Hand Cannon could be one of the best guns to use on this map!

Chug Jug and Chug Splash

With the new season, we'll also be getting the return of the Chug Jug and Chug Splash.

fortnite season 3 chug jug
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TAKE A SIP - Hopefully, all this new healing works the same as it used to!


These items allow the players to heal more easily and with more freedom.

The Chug Jug takes ten seconds to use but fully heals the player, no matter their current health.

The Chug Splash allows teams to heal together, with an AOE (Area of Effect) healing style.

This should make players happy, as they'll be able to grab more healing on the go without needing to loot for long periods of time.

Stink Bombs

Stink bombs were never a fan favourite, but this should change up the way we play.

fortnite season 3 stink bombs
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Epic have added a new animation for the Stink Bombs, but this is the only change being made.


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The Stink bombs are a great counter for enemies that are boxed up in a 1x1.

New Shotgun

Fortnite used to change up the shotgun pool quite often back in the earlier seasons. We saw weapons such as the Double Barrell and the Heavey Shotgun all play vital roles in Fortnite's history

fortnite battle royale skye hd wallpaper preview 3
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ONE PUMP - What kind of shotguns can we expect to be added?


The only other shotgun added was the Combat Shotgun back in Season 9, and this came at the cost of losing the pump shotgun!

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So, with the Pump and Tactical shotguns being the only ones in the loot pool as of now, there is a good chance we are going to see a mixup next season.

After all, the Heavy shotgun was re-added into the game files a while ago. So, perhaps they are going to re-add this classic weapon or take one of the current shotguns out!

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