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Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 3: Loot Lake Vault Set To Return? Season-Ending Event?

We are now in the closing weeks of Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 2, barring no season delays; the new season is slated to kick off on April 30.

Fortnite has been in a strange funk since the end of Chapter 1, since arriving on the new map; players are unsure whether or not they like this map more or less.

However, there may be some indication that we may be heading back to the old map once again.

Let's take a look at what some eagle-eyed Reddit users have spotted!

Loot Lake Vault?

For those who do not know, Loot Lake was the center of the classic Fortnite map; it was one of the oldest POI's on the map and also housed the legendary Vault.

The vault was where all weapons or items in the game would go, once the developers removed them from the loot pool. It was also the theme of Season 9, as the season-ending event was special.

fortnite main 1
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VAULT - What weapons do you want to go next season?

During the Season 9 event, players were able to go inside the vault and choose a weapon that would be re-added into the game for the rest of the season.

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Not only was the vault critical in Season 9, but it was also the centerpiece around The End event during the conclusion of Season X.

The End Again?

The Vault was the target for the seven Visitors during The End event, and this is what ultimately led to the demise of the classic map and how we have ended up on the current one.

With no indication of returning to the map, a Reddit user has spotted some similarities that give some indication towards the return of the Vault.

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OH NO - Could this map be gone already?

Reddit user u/Koooooomar discovered that one of the images found within one of the hideouts resembles the Vault. Although this does not confirm the return of the Vault, one can speculate heavily.

We do not know what Epic Games has in store for next season yet, they always have something up their sleeves. However, the Vault could return as apart of a season-ending event!


Since the Vault was nestled at the bottom of Loot Lake, this means it has to be located somewhere with a body of water or near one at least.

All signs point towards The Agency, which is also at the center of the map; as it was one of the new POI's added during Season 2.

the agency fortnite point of interest
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BOOM - Could The Agency be destroyed because of the Vault?

We do not know as of now what kind of mischief Midas and his crew of agents are plotting for the end of the season. However, the Vault looks to be all but confirmed for next season!

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