Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 3 Hype Nite: Rules, Leaderboards, Prizes, Rewards & More

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Hype Nite is a recurring two-day tournament scheduled for Fridays and Saturdays allowing entry to all Fortnite players.

Here, we have everything you need to know about the latest Fortnite event, from it's rules all the way to the current leaderboard standings.

What is Hype Nite?

Hype Nite is a standard ruleset tournament, and you'll be able to find the full set of rules below. 

hype nite
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BACK WITH A VENGEANCE: Hype Nite offers casual gamers the opportunity of a lifetime!

Each elimination earns a player one point, and reaching the top twelve earns you another three points.


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Reaching the top six promises even more, as well as reaching the top four, the top two, and eventually winning the battle royale.

The Rules

The official rules for the event are pretty extensive, so we're just going to include the important bits regarding the layout of the tournament.

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STICK TO THEM: Any violation will result in a disqualification


Participants for the upcoming Hype Nite event will be separated into three different leagues to compete in, based on their Hype points.

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Entrants with no Hype or less than 1,500 Hype points will compete in a division of the Open League, while those with anywhere between 1,500 - 6,000 Hype points will compete in the Contender League

Only those with more than 6,000 Hype points will be eligible to compete in the Champion League, with a chance to rank on the leaderboard among the elite level of gamers. 

Lastly, to be eligible to participate in any Hype Nite event, a player needs to be over 13 years old

Prize Pool

Players that participate in all of the upcoming events to earn hype points on Fortnite.

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RECEDING: With the water levels dropping and new locations emerging, who knows what the next week's challenges will involve!

Prizes have always been based upon where you finish in the tournament:

  • Top 1%  -   500 Hype Points
  • Top 5%   -   375 Hype Points
  • Top 10%  -  250 Hype Points
  • Top 20%  -  190 Hype Points
  • Top 50%  -  125 Hype Points

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