Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 3: Best Arena Landing Spots! - Eastern Powerline, Lighthouse, Frenzy Farm and More!

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The new Season of Fortnite has brought a reset of your Arena rank.

If you're looking to hustle your way up to Champion Division, you'll want to start with a good landing spot.

Here, we'll cover some of the best landing spots for competitive playlists like Arena.

Table of Contents

We cover all playlists for Arena including Solo, Duo and Trio's!

Hill Outside Frenzy Farm

This is a solo landing spot to the North-West of Frenzy Farm.

Fortnite Frenzy Farm Location Guide
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FRENZY FARM - Although Season 3 saw some map changes, Frenzy Farm is still a viable landing spot.


Immediately, you'll find three chests to loot that'll give you enough weapons to take on an early fight.

You'll find lots of materials from the trees, vehicles and buildings nearby.

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When you're finished looting and gathering resources, head over to Frenzy Farm to find a boat for easy movement and rotation around the map!

Eastern Power Line

This was a very popular spot at the start of Fortnite Chapter 2.

fortnite location
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THE FORTILLA - Have you visited the new POI in Season 3?


However, over time this spot has lost interest as players become more comfortable with the new map and new spots for players to explore.

On this power line, you'll find at least three chests with some decent loot.

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This spot also gives you easy rotation into the zone, with intstant access to Steamy Stacks and Retail Row


This location can be used for both a Solo or Duo/Trio landing spot.

fortnite lighthouse arena poi
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GUIDE THE WAY - The Lighthouse is to the North-West of the map.


If you're on your own, head straight to the Lighthouse for some easy chests and materials.

However, if you're in the Duo/Trio playlist, have your teammates loot the nearby houses.

This may need some good communication to get rid of any enemies, but it's rare for this to be a hot drop.

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There are plenty of materials in the surrounding area for your whole team to harvest.