Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 2 Trailer NOW OUT: Watch the new trailer, Release Date, Battle Pass & more!

Epic delayed the release of Fortnite Season 2 Chapter 2, but the wait is finally over!

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The new trailer dropped this morning - keep reading to watch it!


The official trailer for Season 2 has just dropped! Check it out below.


What can we expect?

Fortnite Chapter 2 was not only a huge shock to the system but was extremely refreshing for most players.

The trailer for Chapter 2 was viewed on YouTube 41 million times!


Nerves were shared throughout the Fortnite community, with hopes of Chapter 2 being something special; it's fair to say that we were not let down.

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All new features, river systems and battle pass for players to dig into and keep themselves busy. Chapter 2 really did revive its community.

However, it has been the longest season yet, and players are sick and tired of not getting regular updates on changes, new features and patches!

We are hoping that next season this will change.

New Physics Engine

So... Chapter 2 season 2 trailer, what can we expect? Will it bring as much hype as its predecessor?

The team here at RealSport believes so and here's why.

Epic has recently revealed its plans to change it's physics engine, to the new 'Chaos' physics engine.


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So rather than buildings disappearing once destroyed, it is likely that they will fall, enhancing the gameplay.

However, Epic did mention that their intention is not to change the way the game plays.

Expect to see this featured in the Season 2 trailer.

New Weapons and Fish

Yes and Fish. With the addition of fishing rods in Chapter 2, it is likely that we will see new fish being added into the loot pool, well loot river.

Fortnite loot fish
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GONE FISHING - Catch yourself a mythic fish


Fish have been a fun addition to the game and very useful in certain scenarios, will we see one that if held in the loot bar that can self revive you once knocked?

Now that would be an interesting concept.

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With the weapons list being so scarce in Chapter 2, RealSport is certain that in the trailer, new weapons will be portrayed in an innovative way and will relate to the storyline and theme in some way.

Icon Series Theme

It has been speculated that with the latest announcement of Epics Icon series, that Chapter 2 Season 2's theme could be to do with content creators.

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ICONIC: The Icons series is giving skins to legends of the game


Will the trailer, include some of the Icon Skins in its storyline, branching out from the themes that are has had previously in Chapter 1.

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Would you like to see this? Or would this be a flop in your books? Let us know what you think!