Fortnite Chapter 2: Is There A Criminal Organization Forming?

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Fortnite Chapter 2 has been in full swing for over two months now, in its time Epic Games has not added much new content to the game which has become a first for the series.

Typically we are given a weekly update that implements multiple new weapons, items, and fixes to the game. This season Epic Games has decided to sneakily implement some minor changes but nothing extreme.

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With this in mind and the lack of content, Fortnite fanatics have decided to uncover some hidden Fortnite lore that may be in the works.

The theme of the Chapter 2 Season 1 battle pass has been the split personalities and the variety of skins we have for this season's battle pass.

Some Fortnite fans have gone so far to suspect these alter egos are going to play a pivotal role within the Fortnite storyline. Let's go through the chart!

Hierarchy Chart

Reddit user destructor_999 was the mastermind behind this elaborate scale for Fortnite skins, it has a combination of battle pass skins and some cosmetic items that were available in the item shop not so long ago.

At first glance, this is a far stretch to say these skins have something to do with the upcoming Fortnite event (if there is one), however, we will recap the tier list.

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  • Boss tier – Chaos Agent
  • Second in Command tier – Sorana, Fusion
  • General tier – Toxin, Scratch, Chic, Riptide
  • Elite tier – Big Chuggus (shop skin), Hazard (battle pass skin)
  • Soldier tier – Stingray, Sludge

Secret Plan?

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FORTNITEMARES - What is the secret plan?

Who knows what is in store for the Chaos Agent and his goons, Epic Games has extended Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 1 by an additional two months so they may play some key role in it.

Most players have already maxed out their battle passes and are awaiting the upcoming Christmas skins and challenges.

We will just have to wait and see if these alter egos play some role in the ever-developing Fortnite story.

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