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*UPDATED* Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 2: Release date, Leaks & Updates that the Reddit community wants to see

The Fortnite Reddit community has, without a doubt, one of the biggest followings in gaming with over 1.2 million users.

Every day new users flock over to the r/FortniteBR to post their new creations or give tips to members of the community. The discussion on this Reddit has especially been active with the looming release of Chapter 2 Season 2 following numerous delays.

Fortnite most recently implemented another patch, which we can assume will also be the last one before the new season being V11.50.


This patch updated the engine with the new Chaos physics engine and also introduced one of the most requested items in the LaunchPad. Reddit has been requesting the return of this item since the start of the season and it finally paid off!

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With this in mind, what else has Reddit been requesting for next season? Let's take a look at some of the most talked-about changes for Chapter 2 Season 2.

Pre-Set Locker Combinations

This is one of the most upvoted posts of 2020 so far, created by user u/AitorWesterhof they created an exceptional concept for pre-set locker combinations.


For those who do not know, the Fortnite locker is where all your cosmetic items lay, you have to go into each part of the locker and try and find the exact cosmetic item you want.

Most recently they added a search bar to the locker which was also heavily requested, but who knows the names for all those backblings or pickaxes?

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This concept would virtually eradicate all of the issues players have with finding specific cosmetic items.

Having pre-set combinations for outfits that you make would be one of the best quality of life changes added into Fortnite.

It would make picking a skin to wear so much easier and we hope Epic Games looks at this stellar concept for the next season!

Redacted Formula

Donald Mustard, Worldwide Creative Director at Epic Games has changed his location on Twitter to "***REDACTED***".

donald mustard redacted
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This is name of a landmark in-game which holds the bunker!


No Building Restrictions

Fortnite Changes
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NO BUILD ZONE - It is hard to know why we still cannot build in certain places

In a series of changes needed for Fortnite posted by user u/jiggywatt64 this one stood out to us the most ahead of the new season.


Building as we know, is one of the core components of Fortnite; without building there is no Fortnite, and that is why it can be frustrating when a build doesn't place where you want it too.

Sometimes builds go in places where we do not want them to go, and other times we have the issue that jiggywatt64 posted about...

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It is beyond annoying that a lot of the buildings in Fortnite have triangles at the top of them, which do not allow a wall to be placed there unless you break it.

The same can be said for some doors and other locations; please Epic this needs to be looked at for Chapter 2 Season 2, before we lose our minds.

Disable Pre-Edits

Pre Edit
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NO MORE PRE-EDITS - This has been requested dating back to 2018.


This is perhaps the most heavily requested change before the start of any new season, so much so that we found a post asking for the feature since September 2018!

For those who do not know, pre-edits happen when you have any build-out, and before you place it you press the edit key which pre-builds it to how you edited it.

This happens a lot during competitive matches as with so much going on, sometimes you get ahead of yourself and edit something before you place it.

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Although this has been a talked about issues for over a year now, Epic Games has never changed this option, and to this day it is one of the most annoying features in Fortnite.

Another week, another leak

Various members of the Fortnite community are speculating that Season 12 could be called 'Take Over', thanks to some code on the Fortnite website.

fortnite title leak
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BANDWAGONERS: Naturally, many players have jumped to conclusions following the most recent leak


This information has been shared on Twitter, with many jumping on the idea that the code is teasing the name of the next season.

Though this is just speculation, it is the closest thing we have to a theme or title for the next season, so take this leak with a big pinch of salt.

Character Creator

This concept was actually just posted on the Reddit community over the weekend by user THIP123, and it is without a doubt one of the best we've seen!


In this concept they have designed a fully custom character creator for Fortnite, player's would pay 2000 Vbucks or $20 to make their own character for Fortnite.

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This is an amazing concept, we can really see the attention to detail the user put behind this video and we fully support this being added into Fortnite.

Plus, it would make them a boatload of cash!

Imagine the endless possibilities that players could think of if this feature was added into Fortnite Season Chapter 2!