Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 2: Map changes Reddit wants to see - New Loading Screens and more!

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By now, everyone is aware that Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 2 has once again been delayed - which will now make the season over four months long.

Straying away from the usual model of six weeks for a season, but it is for a good reason after all.

The new Chaos Physics engine is set to release this upcoming week; with it, we could see the biggest shake-up to Fortnite's gameplay ever. Although we are unsure how it will play out, we remain hopeful!


Since the season has been extended multiple times now, Fortnite fans on Reddit and other social media have begun to flex their creative muscles.

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We have seen fan-made skin concepts make it into the Fortnite shop in the past, so let's go over some of the best concepts made by Reddit!

Fortnite Anime!!

This is not the first time we have seen an anime concept for Fortnite; after all the art style of the game would translate over well to an anime show.


This is one of the most well-made ones we have seen yet and comes from Reddit user Okiieez who made this masterpiece.

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Whether or not we eventually get a Fortnite anime is unknown as of now, but we would not be surprised honestly.

With so much Fortnite lore, including all of the villains and heroes, we know for previous season events; it could make for an interesting show!

Map Concept

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OVERCROWDED? Do you think this map concept has too many POI's?


We do not know if we are going to get any map changes this upcoming season, although we can fully expect some as it would be unlike Epic Games to not change at least a few aspects up.

With rumours of Steamy Stack's being the key player at the end of season event, fans have started to draw up their own concepts.

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This new map concept comes from Reddit user thepuestionnaire whose map includes a lot the old POI's along with the new ones. From Wailing Woods, to Lucky Landing it seems all the classics are here.

This map concept is highly unlikely though, it appears Epic Games has left these POI's in the past and we are only going to get news ones from now on!

Nevertheless, still a very cool map concept,

Lobby Screen

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READY UP - What background would make the perfect lobby screen?


The final concept we are going to take a look at is this new lobby screen created by Reddit user CallmeNearly Lobby screens were introduced during the early seasons of Fortnite, around season 4 or 5 and were apart of the game up until Season X, well sort of.

Throughout the course of Season 9 and Season X, the lobby screen was either there or wasn't.

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A lot of fans on Reddit and other social media have complained about the boring blue loading screen we have had in Fortnite for the whole season.

Re-implementing this feature for the new season would rejoice the fans and this concept is one of the best we have seen yet!