Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 2: NEW teaser revealed ahead of Season 12 launch!

Fortnite has surprised everyone by releasing not one but two teasers for Chapter 2 Season 2 in one day!

The renowned developer has been teasing fans for a number of days now, leaking information in regards to the new season. The latest teaser is more sceptic than all the others combined!

It simply states:

'Transmission intercepted FN.CH02.S02'... With a section of the message blurred out!


Second Teaser Released

fortnite teaser 2
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CRYPTIC - What could this mean?
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Epic Games has released the second teaser ahead of the new season, coming off the back of the social media changes, this one appears to be far more substantial!

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The next teaser that was posted by Epic Games was an official tweet put out this morning; with some sort of cryptic message underlying it all. The focal point of this tweet is the phrase "Transmission Intercepted" and again the gold palm icon is present.

Perhaps, this could mean there is going to be some operation taking place on the map for the season-ending event?

The blurred out text in the tweet could be revealed as the days go on, so be sure to keep your eyes out!

When Is The Third Teaser?

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TOUCH OF GOLD - Could the new season be centered around King Midas?

In the leadup to most Fortnite seasons, Epic Games has released multiple teasers in the coming days to the season.


This was done last during Season X and 9 when they released teasers four days up until the season.

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Since they have released two teasers in a row, we can assume they are once again following these patterns and we can expect another one to be out TOMORROW!

Keep your eyes peeled across all social media, as we never know what time they are going to post one!


takeover 1
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TAKEOVER - What could this new theme mean?

Fortnite data miner @Lucas7Yoshi has done some digging within the code of the official Fortnite website and has appeared to find the theme for the new season!

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Suggesting that the theme for Chapter 2 Season 2 or at least for the hand icon is “Takeover”. Whether or not this has any relation to the Chaos Agent and his line of agents is unknown as of now!