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Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 2: Map To Be FLOODED? Rumors, Leaks and more about Season Ending Event!

In the coming days until Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 2, we are now getting our first look at some of the official Fortnite teasers ahead of the new season.

Yesterday, we got a combination of some posters spread across cities in Japan and South America, along with social media changes of all Fortnite accounts.

Along with these teasers, we also got some new rumors/leaks regarding the season-ending event! Let's take a look at all the new rumors.


Ali-A's Theory

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Photo via BCC Trolling

Popular YouTuber Ali-A is one of the many fans that have speculated heavily around the season-ending event.


With some fans linking to the possibility of the skin "Chaos Agent" being the mastermind behind the event, Ali-A has his own theory it seems.

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Ali-A explained in his YouTube video that the god of water Poseiden is going to be the driving force behind the event.

The recent posters that have sprung up around the world have subtle references to King Midas from Greek Mythology., along with the new rumored gold material.

He noted that there could be a massive wave sending ripples throughout the map and eventually flooding most of it.

This is something that seems so bizarre that Fortnite could probably pull it off! We mean, they did turn the game off for three days straight so anything is possible now.

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Noah's Ark?

noah fortnite teaser season 2 event map flood
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BIRD'S EYE VIEW - Can you spot the word NOAH?

This theory goes hand in hand with another discovery made by Reddit user u/jtlambert on February 11.


Towards the north-west side of the map, close to the lighthouse this player has spotted from high above the word NOAH.

Although this may be just a weird coincidence, there may be some underlying meaning behind it all.

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If the map is indeed flooded for season 2, perhaps this is the clue towards the season-ending event?

For those who do not know, the story of Noah was one where the world flooded, so there could be some mysterious connection between the two!

In classic Fortnite fashion, we can speculate all we want to be we will never know for sure!