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18 Feb 2020

Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 2: New Map changes! Oil Rig confirmed, drop spots, trailer, teasers and more!

We are now only a couple of days left until the release of the newest Fortnite season, which is Chapter 2 Season 2. Much like any Fortnite season, Epic Games has been teasing the release of the season with teasers all over social media!

Some of these teasers have had cryptic messages and hidden backgrounds certain community members have been able to uncover! Some of these teaser images have even revealed new map locations!

Let's take a look at all the confirmed map changes for Chapter 2 Season 2!

Oil Rig

Oil Rig

STRANDED - Will this new POI be off the coast of the map?

After the set of teaser images yesterday it appears Fortnite has already moved on to another set of images for today. This one has also confirmed the return of an old throwable, as it appears dynamite is making a return for the new season!

The background image has been uncovered by @FNBRHQ, and it clearly dictates what seems to be an Oil Rig! This has also been further confirmed by his follow up tweet. Which you view in the following image below!

Oil Rig Number

RECRUITS - What could this agency mean? Who's behind it all!

This all but confirms the new POI/Landmark which will be an Oil Rig! Where do you think it'll locate on the map, perhaps off the shore of Dirty Docks!

New Area Confirmed

Leaked Map 1

ARIEL ASSUALT - Notice the helipad in the background!

Noted by popular Fortnite Twitter user @FNBRHQ, there seem to be some hidden images in the background of the new teaser image. As we can see the full background has turned into a new section of the Fortnite map, and some eagle-eyed fans have spotted some unique aspect of it already.

In the background we can see helipads with some mountains, along with some other terrain; this is unknown as of now if this will be a brand new POI or just a new landmark.

But be sure to keep your eyes peeled on our map changes article just in case there are some changes!