Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 2: Trailer, New Teaser - New Theme, New POI, Leaks from Epic Games about Season 12!

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In the leadup to the release of Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 2, it appears they are starting to roll out real live leaks ahead of the new season!

We are now in the home stretch for the new season, every day this week there should be some sort of new leak or news about Chapter 2 Season 2.


This is the cumulation of the longest Fortnite season, with multiple delays and other date changes; the season was extended by nearly two months!

It appears there have been numerous leaks overnight for the new season, and with rumors of more to come later today! Let's take a look at all the news!

Theme Revealed!

The new theme has been revealed by notorious leaker Ximton and it is reportedly going to be called 'The Takeover'!

What could this mean? Your guess is currently as good as ours!

Live Posters Spotted!

MYSTERIOUS - What could this mean from Epic Games?


In a tweet posted by Fortnite data miner @HYPEX, there have been numerous spottings of this new Fortnite teaser for next season.

These signs have been seen across the world, from shopping malls to train stations and they have just appeared overnight!

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The posters are rather simple, as all they feature is a handprint with the text Fortnite behind it. However, there is a phone number at the bottom of the poster and many people have called this number. This is what happens if you call this number!

  • Yes sir
  • The agents were called
  • Card to access the safe purchased.

It is hard to say what this exactly means; however if you remember back during the earlier months of the season.

A skin called Chaos Agent was released, and there has been an ample amount of speculation that this skin is going to control what happens for the season-ending event! Perhaps, he is who the phone number is directed too!


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Fan Theories!

Fortnite gold tweet

BIG BRAIN - Could this be what Epic Games is trying to tell us?

Some clever fans have responded to HYPEX tweet, one fan caught our eye as he detailed his theory for the cryptic messages. Noting that during the blog post about the end date of the season had blurred out messages.

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These were covered in gold and his theory is that these were intended to be gold bars, not words! Perhaps Epic Games is going all-in with the gold theme for next season.


UPDATE - Fortnite Twitter Changed

Teaser 1

HANDS - This golden handprint is the main theme behind Season 2 it appears!

The first teaser for Chapter 2 Season 2 was confirmed just a while ago; spotted by Twitter users it appears Fortnite has changed their backgrounds across all social media.

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The new logo is similar to the one that has been spotted all over the world on these posters, and now has made its way over to Epic's social media!

This is the first real social media teaser we have, so stayed tuned for tomorrow's leak!



Showcased in the above video which was discovered by @HAZE_QT we can finally see the full image that has been teased all day. The above video was first discovered by the above Twitter user, and since we have had multiple HD images surface along with a more detailed image we will post below!

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New Arwa 1

HELIPADS - From land to sea, maybe this season will be all about the sky?

Noted by popular Fortnite Twitter user @FNBRHQ, there seem to be some hidden images in the background of the new teaser image. As we can see the full background has turned into a new section of the Fortnite map, and some eagle-eyed fans have spotted some unique aspect of it already.



BOOM - The once vaulted throwable is back for Chapter 2 Season 2

It appears Fortnite can not get enough of these teasers, as they have all but confirmed the return of a classic throwable for the newest season. This new image is a brand new one, after the uncovering of the face last night.

Dynamite was originally added during Season 8 and was seen as one of the more overpowered throwables but was still relatively liked by fans.

It appears with this new teaser it will be making a return and will have a significant role within the event!



BOOM - Is a nuclear bomb going to hit the map?


The final teaser for the night posted by Epic Games was one that has some sort of bomb approaching the map? Perhaps the Chaos Agent is going to destroy the Oil Rigs at some point during the new season, only time will tell!

Oil Rig POI Confirmed for Slurpy

Oil Rig Teaser

NEW LANDING SPOT? - This already congested area is going to be packed again!

Another teaser was posted late tonight by Fortnite, right on queue as they did the same the previous day. This one showcased what appears to be a nuclear bomb, with the phrase "Kaboom" and some creative Fortnite community members have uncovered the background yet again!

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Teaser six during the day showcased an Oil Rig as well, and eagle-eyed fans placed it near Retail Row- a new one has appeared in the background and fans have placed it near Slurpy Swamp. Sketching the outline of the image and placing it near the existing POI, this is highly possible!


MIDAS - New Teaser!

New Teaser

FINAL - Could this be the final teaser ahead of the new season?

Once again, Fortnite has tweeted out another teaser ahead of the new season which officially releases tomorrow! This one is perhaps the most bizarre, as there is no real indication of what is going on; but some Twitter users have uncovered its secrets!


GOLD - This has all but confirmed gold materials for season 2!

Noted by community member @FNBRHQ, there has been a flurry of clues within each image that has led us to the word "MIDAS". Known for turning everything he touches into gold; this all but confirms the golden theme for Chapter 2 Season 2!


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Grenade Bomb Teaser

New Teaser 2

GRENADE - What could this new teaser mean?

The next cryptic message posted by Fortnite appears to be some sort of grenade bomb wrapped in twine? It is hard to say what this has to do with the new season, but the outline in the top right looks to be the location of something interesting!


Uncovered by multiple Fortnite data miners, the official trailer for Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 2 is finally here! Check out all the new skins, map changes and theme here!