Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 2: NEW MAP! FINAL TEASER - Full Video and More!

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In the leadup to the newest Fortnite season, which has been confirmed to be Chapter 2 Season 2; leaks and rumors are popping up all over the world and now social media.

Fortnite has officially tweeted out multiple cryptic messages thus far and now it appears to be one final one! This one was showcased by some Fortnite data miners, with a full video and HD image.

Check out the full teaser below, along with other news we've learned!

Final Teaser Leaked!

Showcased in the above video which was discovered by @HAZE_QT we can finally see the full image that has been teased all day.

The above video was first discovered by the above Twitter user, and since we have had multiple HD images surface along with a more detailed image we will post below!

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Typically in the leadup to the newest Fortnite season, Epic Games usually posts one or two images to give the fans a taste of what is to come. Although they have no tweeted the final image yet, this will be the fourth image to come out today alone!


teaser imagine
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ALMOST THERE - We are only two percent away from completing the face!

In a tweet posted by Fortnite data miner @HYPEX, we can get a better sense of the final teaser for now.

Earlier today we started with a simple golden palm, which has been seen all across the world; and now we almost have a full face that is similar to Chaos Agent!

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It is unknown as of now what this image is actually going to be, but we know it is almost in its final form. At the bottom of the screen, we can see 98%, meaning we are only 2% away!

Be on the lookout tomorrow or even later tonight as Epic Games could unveil the final image!

It appears we can also see more background images, as they have started to become clearer and we can identify what seems to be a brand new area!

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New Arwa
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HELICOPTERS? - Who else can spot the helipads in the background!

Noted by popular Fortnite Twitter user @FNBRHQ, there seem to be some hidden images in the background of the new teaser image.

As we can see the full background has turned into a new section of the Fortnite map, and some eagle-eyed fans have spotted some unique aspect of it already.

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In the background we can see helipads with some mountains, along with some other terrain; this is unknown as of now if this will be a brand new POI or just a new landmark.

But be sure to keep your eyes peeled on our map changes article just in case there are some changes!

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