Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 2: Battle Pass – Skins, Emotes, Engine, Rewards & more!

Next season’s iconic add should come with some legendary skins for players that make the move.

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Fortnite Battle Pass

Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 2 is at long last winding down, with the first season on the new Fortnite map has been on-going for a record amount of time.

It has now almost been four months since the release of Chapter 2 Season 1, due to some unknown delays.

The season was originally expected to end before Christmas time, just in time for a Christmas themed battle pass.

However, Epic Games decided to opt against it this year in favour of extending the season.


New Release Date and engine!

The release date for Chapter 2 Season 2 is coming on February 20.

However, it was for a very important reason – the world-renowned battle royale game is switching engines!

Epic Games had this to say in their latest update to the community:

“Beginning with the release of the 11.50 update in early February, Fortnite will be moving to Unreal Engine’s Chaos Physics Engine.”

Excitingly, switching to the “Chaos physics engine” allows a build to collapse if it gets shot or exploded, rather than just disappearing!

This could have a huge effect on next season’s theme!

Cost and Bundle

Although there was heavy speculation into whether or not Epic Games is going to implement an “Annual Battle Pass” system next season.

fortnite icon series ninja skin
NINJA – The iconic Mixer Streamer now has a skin in-game!

We can assume that they are not going to yet, as official Epic Games personnel have stated they are holding off on this for now.

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So, for Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 2 or Season 12 expect the same price of 950 Vbucks for the battle pass. Which equals out to around $10 USD, and players will more than likely be able to opt into the Battel Pass Bundle.

The latter will cost 2800 Vbucks and will reward you with 25 tier of the Battle Pass to start!

New Skins?

Of course, with any new Fortnite season comes an ample amount of new skins, emotes, pickaxes and more.

Fortnite Battle Pass 2
A NEW CHAPTER – New skins, emotes & pickaxes are coming in Chapter 2!

Each season’s Battle Pass also appears to have a theme that relates to the skins. Chapter 2 Season 1’s Battle Pass theme was all about good versus evil.

All of the Battle Pass skins from this current season had an unlockable style via challenges throughout the season.

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Other seasons have gone for themes such as; futuristic, pirate, Christmas just to name a few.

As well, previous seasons have started to feature community designed loading screens as some of the Battle Pass rewards, a neat feature to showcase some of the amazing talents the Fortnite community has!


Icon Series skins?

Ninja is the first streamer to get his skin in the game, and one of many influential entertainers who already have skins.

He joins the likes of Marshmello, John Wick and many more as some of the modern-day skins in Fortnite.

It is more than likely that emotes and skins from influential Fortnite streamers will appear in the battle pass for Chapter 2 Season 2!

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*UPDATE* Battle Pass Image

Battle Pass image

The official battle pass image for the new Fortnite season has also been leaked via @HYPEX; now we can tell what skins are going to be apart of the battle pass this season along with some other cosmetic items. Here are some of the skins we know for sure are coming this season!

  • Mewosicles
  • Deadpool
  • Gold Boss Leader
  • Top Thug
  • Agent Skins
  • 007 Banana

New Skin Images!

Check out all the new skins leaked by Twitter users such as @HYPEX and others below!

Skin 1
Skin 2
Skin 3
Skin 4
Skin 5
Skin 6
Skin 8
Customize skin

Along with the above customizable skins, HYPEX has also posted an image with all of the available options for the skin. What combination will you use?

Customize Skin Options

New Pickaxes

Axe 1
axe 2
axe 3
axe 4
Axe 5
Axe 6
Axe 7
Axe 8

All New Gliders!


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