Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 2: 4Chan Leak Teases Possible Map Changes! New Map, Kevin the Cube? Battle Pass and more!

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Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 2 has once again been delayed, the long-awaited season is being delayed another two weeks in order to implement their new Chaos Physics Engine!

With the excitement building around the next season, there may have been a leak regarding possible map changes for Season 2!

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Let's check out all the new details that have emerged!


Goodbye Steamy Stacks?

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4CHAN - It is hard to say whether or not this leak is real!

Tweeted out this morning by data miner @ShiinaBR, it appears they may have been a sneak peek of the upcoming cinematic for Season 2.


From what we can tell, all of the battle pass skins from the current season are looking up in shock. But at what?

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Surrounded by a purple aura, the second image tweeted out also showcases the Steamy Stacks location engulfed in this strange purple substance.

Some keen eyes have allowed us to further determine what this could be!

Kevin The Cube?

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Will Kevin The Cube once again ruin the map?


Kevin The Cube is one of the longest-running lore components of Fortnite.

Since the early seasons, the cube has played a pivotal role in some of the season's events and map changes.

Now, it appears to be playing a massive role in the upcoming season, should there be any credit to this leak!

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From the above image, which may or may not be real, it appears that the purple substance shown in the cinematic has flown throughout the whole map.

For those who do not know, Steamy Stacks is home to some sort of Kevin The Cube factory, as we can see a model cube in front of the reactors; along with the purple substance all over the location.

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One can suspect the new season will commence with some sort of explosion at Steamy Stacks.

Potentially, this could affect over half of the map, we will have to wait and see if this 4Chan leak holds any substance going forward!

Other Map Changes?

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What other changes could we see?


Of course, with any new season is the potential for some drastic map changes. Along with the above Steamy Stacks rumours, there has been on-going speculation surrounding other areas!

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One of the primary areas that players are expecting to change is the bottom right of the map. This area is where the landmark location “Cape Cod” is located. A lot of speculation has been around the Visitor who infamously caused “The End” event is located here.