Fortnite Chapter 2: Risky Reels Event Coming Soon?

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Fortnite Chapter 2 or Season 11 is finally here! With a brand new map!

There are plenty of exciting things to look forward to in Fortnite Chapter 2, including the next phase of the Fortnite Champion Series. A new in-game event has started over the last couple of days and we have all the juicy details below!

Risky Reels Screen On?

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BACK AGAIN - Risky's back...back again...


It appears like the massive screen that is set in Risky Reels which is a replica of a drive-in movie location has now turned on.

Although it is not playing a movie... the scene that is being played is very strange with many players speculating as to what this could ultimately mean.

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What is it playing?

The video feed that is being played by the screen is rather...interesting, to say the least. Check it out below for yourself.

Yea we know, weird right. Who knows what is set to happen from this, but we are approaching the end of the season so we may be in store for a teaser of an event soon!